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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Green Smoothie Time!

As many of you know, our fellow Cyster Mandy has infinite wisdom about SO MANY CF related topics.

One of these many is a CFer's diet: she correctly points out (this isn't a direct quote, but rather a summation of her opinion) that sugar, refined carbs, etc are not a great way for a CFer to put on weight as these foods create inflammation in the body. Who cares if you are a normal BMI if your lungs are inflamed and in bad shape?

I have tried drinking Mandy's green smoothie recommendation off and on over the past years, but a few weeks ago I finally made the plunge and purchased "Green Smoothie Revolution" by Victoria Boutenko as well as "Green For Life."  I by far don't eat enough greens and smoothies are such an easy way for me to the nutrition I know I need.

So this book includes dozens upon dozens of smoothie recipes - great to find a version to your liking and also important for variety (greens contain alkaloids  - and too many alkaloids from one type of green can cause some unwanted symptoms. so rotating greens daily or weekly is smart). One thing I just learned from the book is that banana masks the taste of chlorophyll, so I basically feel like I'm drinking a banana smoothie that just happens to look green (and have kind of a green texture).

Anyway, just wanted to share - I will keep you posted on how I feel. I'm sure I won't feel worse than I do without eating greens :) :) :)

The below smoothie contains: 1 Green Apple, 1 Banana, 1/2 inch ginger root, 4 leaves of kale and 2 cups of water (I kind of wish I would have put in some ice instead of just plain water - it would have made the smoothie a little bit colder and frothie sp?).

PS that tube thing in the back is the sink hook up for my neb dishwasher :)


  1. i love this idea! i hate the taste of banana tho.. any other tips for masking the taste of the greens for us banana-phobics?

  2. @Mkg there are lots of other recipes with other fruits. You can purchase the book or maybe your local library has a copy.