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Friday, December 11, 2009

CFvoice.com video

Many of you know me as a pretty private person, but CFvoice.com has given me a great outlet to raise awareness of this disease.

This newest segment was a long time in the works.

Make sure to watch all the videos on the right hand side.



  1. AMY - Fantastic videos! You are a true inspiration! It was great to put a face to the name. I have followed your blog for a short while now and also refer to your advice on forums, you are amazing! Your knowledge has taught me so so much, I would be lost without your input - thank you!

    Congratulations on your wonderful achievements, I wish you every success for the next steps in your life.

    I have a gorgeous baby boy - Tom who is 7 months and has CF. So we are learning everything we possibly can. I love the way your parents have treated you and equipped you with lifes most important survival tools for you - they are incredible, i only hope I can be half the parent they are to you to my little man! I also hope Tom grows up to be a positive about life and CF as you are - fight on! I look forward to learning more from you over the years. We live in Orange County so not so far from you - so please always let me know about any events and fundraisers - I am eager to get into fighting CF! again thanks for allowing a closer insight into your life - you really don't know just how fabulous the videos are and the positive effect they will have on so many! I am thrilled to know that my hubby can take Tom off to the game each week too, just like you and your Dad did! Happy, healthy holidays to you and your family. Natalie - farnell1@cox.net

  2. I FINALLY got around to watching this! Great job Amy!

    Fight on girl!!!