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Monday, June 7, 2010

Appendix surgery

I am at the ER and going to get my appendix removed here shortly.

I've had many intestinal blockages so I thought this would be it - but man it hurts a bit more than the run of the mill intestinal blockage I get.

I had some pain this morning at around 3am that woke me up - and after a few hours they discovered my cranky appendix!Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers - it should be a quick, simple surgery but with CF things can sometimes get complicated.

I'll keep you posted on how things go!


  1. Hope it goes well Amy!!! Sending lots of positive vibes your way!

  2. Praying that all goes well my dear!!!!

  3. Wishing the very best, Amy, for an uncomplicated surgery and quick recovery. :)

  4. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

    crystalina0814 (on the CF forums!)

  5. Will be praying for quick, "as easy as possible" time for you.

  6. Feel better and many prayers for a safe and successful surgery!

    My appendix tip: hold a pillow close to your stomach (hug it) when you do your huff coughs for a few days post surgery. The vent compacts mucus into your airways, but it hurts to cough, which is a bad combo. The hugging a pillow thing really, really helped me!

    Much love and light!

  7. I'll be thinking of you! <3


  8. Heather (Mommafirst)June 8, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Thinking of you and hoping all goes well. I haven't seen you on CF.com lately, I really hope it means that life is good and busy. Very sorry to hear that you are feeling bad.