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Friday, July 8, 2011

Replace Your Jacket!

Thanks to catboogie from www.cf2chat.com , I ordered a free replacement jacket from Respirtech. I have had my original jacket since 2006 so I figured it might be time for a replacement.

HUGS to catboogie for this tip because I had no idea what crappy shape my old jacket was in. WOW.

I would be able to do 100% pressure no problem with my old jacket - now I'm on 70% with this new jacket and it is MUCH more intense. wow wow wow! I'm guessing I had air leaking perhaps with my old jacket and just didn't notice it.

If you have a Respirtech vest, please make sure to replace it every so often to make sure you're getting the full effect (AND change the filter....something I also haven't done in a while). We use these devices way too often to not keep them in tip top shape.

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