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Saturday, August 16, 2008

CFRI eFlow info

I still haven't heard from the eFlow people, nor have I heard from my CF Center regarding any info they picked up at the Denver Conference.

However, CFRI apparently had a discussion about the device, and a DVD about the event can be ordered here.....


Offers DVD and Audio CD-Rom

of the eFlow® Presentation

October 25, 2006

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Topics/Speakers Audio CD-Rom or DVD

It's All About Time- eFlow® Electronic Nebulizer
Terry Lyn Bishop, RCP & Bill Aikins of SourceCF

(62 minutes) Disc 1

Single DVD $3.00

Single CD $1.00

The speakers' presentations are reproduced in DVD-R (DVD minus R) and are compatible with most DVD players. The enclosed DVD can easily be played on PC computers and many newer DVD players. There are other DVD players that have been identified to playback only DVD+R (DVD plus R), DVD+RW or DVD-RW and may not play the DVD-R. Examining the specifications of the owner's manual will help identify these DVD players.

Depending on the number of orders and time needed to complete them, your patience is appreciated.

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Please mail to:

Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.

2672 Bayshore Pkwy, Suite 520

Mountain View, CA 94043

or fax to 650-404-9981.

Questions? 650-404-9975 cfri@cfri.org

Please note that the pricing for the educational DVDs and CDs are for shipping and handling only.