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Saturday, August 16, 2008

eFLow learnings

I wanted to update you all on more information that I have learned regarding the eFlow.

1. The only medications that require dosage adjustment with the eFlow are antibiotics. This was a big concern for me because if I get my meds through my specific mail order pharmacy (or PBM), it's cheaper than if I go to another pharmacy. Like anyone, I want the cheapest option possible because med costs can add up. My albuterol, my cromolyn sodium, my pulmozyme and my HTS all require [U] no dosage adjustment [/U]. So I can continue to order nebs as usual.

2. Those who have negative side effects from pulmozyme or TOBI/tobramycin may see some of those side effects go away. Hoarse voice/sore throat and stomach aches from TOBI/tobra and/or pulmozyme will most likely go away because the eFlow produces particles that aren't large enough to hang out in the throat. The particles that hang out in the throat are larger than 5-7 microns - which the eFlow produces significantly low volumes of (lower than a traditional neb/compressor). The eFlow's particles are so small that they slip off of the throat and go right into the lungs.

So if you're thinking that your insurance might not cover the eFlow, this could be great prior authorization verbiage (although the specialty pharmacies that provide the eFlow are pratically masters at prior auth's).

3. The size of the particles that the eFlow doesn't just reduce side effects or increase the administration time - the eFlow actually helps the meds go down further in the lungs. And these depths of the lungs are where infection/inflammation typically occure. So, like the Vest, the eFlow isn't just a convenience item. [B] it's an improvement in care [/B]

Mike Schulz from Foundation Care has been incredible in answering all of my questions. He is very wise to realize that the more patients understand what they're doing with their meds & nebs, the more likely they will be compliant and will receive the immense benefits of the product. Wise man. Any of you on the West coast that are considering the eFlow, I would highly highly HIGHLY recommend giving Mike Schulz a call. You will learn so much more than you ever imaged.

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