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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My experience with NAC

Originally posted in Fall 2006

I figured there is no way I could see a difference in my lungs after two doses of Euro NAC.....

If someone else posted this, I would dismiss it immediately.....

But I have never had an easier time exercising on my elliptical as I did this morning. Granted, I have been exercising consistently for 2.5 weeks now. So I guess all of a sudden my endurance could have gone up.

But man did I feel different exercising this morning. Really different.

At worst, this is a huge endorsement for exercising and lung function. At best, this NAC stuff works quickly.

I'm still skeptical of the NAC stuff working quickly.

So, as many of you Americans know, vitamins, minerals and supplements in the US aren't regulated.

So if you go to the drug store, buy NAC, there's no guarantee that what you're buying is really NAC. Or the quantity of NAC that the bottle claims. And powder NAC (in capsules) can be OXIDIZED, rendering it useless.

This is why Dr. Moss up at Stanford didn't use NAC from the US because you can't do a study where the quality could be highly variable. Plus the NAC he uses is in the fizzy form - tablets that can be plopped in water. These fizzy tabs are NOT oxidized and therefore you are guarenteed their integirty.

So my boyfriend went home to Europe over New Year's and bought me some NAC. In Europe, vitamins, minerals and supplements are regulated. They're prescription! So you know what you're getting is exactly what's on the bottle.

Some don't like that it's Rx, but that's the trade off i suppose.

You can also get fizzy NAC from Canada from the company that Moss uses: www.bioadvantex.com

So today was my 1st day with NAC the Euro way. It's a 600mg tablet that dissolves in water. Body absorbs liquid NAC better than tablets, apparently.

It tastes gross. My BF tells me that that's how I know it's working. Hhahaha. I know I'll get used to it becuase I'll be drinking this stuff 2-3 times a day.

As the Moss study says, it can take a few months to see clinical benefits from the NAC, but I'll keep you guys posted. Hopefully I'll get used to the taste :-P

2.5 years later I'm still taking NAC and I'm convinced it's played a big role in keeping my lung function up and helping me recover from colds / PA flare-ups.

But remember: no capsule form of NAC!!! It can be oxidized. Fizzy NAC only

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