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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doxy clinical trial starts!

So my clinic is conducting a clinical trial on permanent use of Doxy (kind of like how some of us are on permanent azithromycin).

Doxy is known for its anti-inflammatory effects in addition to it's antibiotic effects.

Since I am on Lovenox for my blood clot, this open label study has randomized me in the placebo group so I don't have to get as many blood draws.

So last Friday I went in for my initial height, weight, pregnancy test and blood draw. I qualify for the study so today is PFT's (they want to measure pre and post trial and a few in between), more blood draws and I think that's it.

So throughout the trial I won't have much to report obviously on how I feel. But I am pretty excited that I am contributing knowledge to a possible new therapy for CF! Yey!!!!

Oh yes, and Tiger II should be resumed shortly. We finally have a new coordinator who seems competent. Yey!

Anyone else out there doing clinical trials?


  1. Did you know "doxy" is actually slang for prostitute? I learned that from my FIL (from Britain) when I used "doxy" as an abbreviation for doxycycline.

  2. Ya ya ya. Those crazy Brits also call cigs "fags." And when an Aussie says he's "pissed" he's not angry - he's drunk! :)