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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy Day + Exercise

I snuck in some exercise today (cardio.... 2/5). Tuesdays aren't usually my exercising days because I'm so darn busy, but I wanted to sneek it in in homes to increase my chances of reaching 5/5 for cardio. It's HARD. But I can do it.

Tomorrow I get re-scanned for my DVT (can you believe it's been 6 weeks already???). Hopefully we have shown some progress. As I've told many of you, swelling and tenderness went down 10 hours after my very 1st Lovenox dose 6 weeks ago and I haven't seen any symptoms since.

The Lovenox hasn't been too hard to remember - I just do what I do with all my other meds - set an iCal appointment on my computer and have it pop up 2x a day to remember to take the shot. I've had quite a bit of bruising from the shots on both sides but it doesn't really hurt and goes away quickly.

I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow.

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